The Australian Institute of Food Safety Launches New Website

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August 6, 2016


The Australian Institute of Food Safety (AIFS) launched its new website this week. The refreshed site marks a new direction for the company and includes an increased emphasis on providing free food safety resources to food business managers and the general public.

The new site was developed to more accurately reflect the mission statement for the organisation which was revised in 2015. The institute’s mission is ‘to reduce foodborne illness through the education, promotion and advocacy for better food safety’. A primary feature of the new website is an enhanced resource centre which has taken over twelve months to develop and contains hundreds of free resources including posters, templates, videos, checklists and articles.

The launch of the new website also corresponds with the launch of a membership program for AIFS. Students who complete nationally recognised training with the organisation receive a complimentary 2 year membership which includes access to additional resources, food safety signage and a food safety card to present to Environmental Health Officers at food safety inspections.

Executive Director, Stuart Hilditch, believes that the new website will make a big impact on the food industry. “Too often, food safety is a ‘tick and flick’ exercise for food businesses,” Mr Hilditch said. “Our goal with the new website and membership program is to really keep food safety front of mind for food workers which in turn should see a reduction in the number of food poisoning outbreaks,” he added.


Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries please email or call 1300 797 020